Condnation as per University Norms

Students must have earned 75% of attendance in each course to become eligible for appearing for the examinations. Students who have earned 65% to 74% of attendance shall be required to apply for condonation in the prescribed form along with the prescribed fee of Rs.500/- (Rupees five hundred only). Students who have earned 64% to 50% of attendance shall be required to apply for condonation in the prescribed form along with the prescribed fee of Rs. 500/- (Rupees five hundred only) along with the Medical Certificate.

Students who have earned below 50% attendance are not eligible to appear for the examination and they shall re-do the semester(s) after completion of the course, with the prior permission of the REGISTRAR of the University.

Continuous Internal Assessment (CIA)

Test will be conducted in the departments on completion of one or more units of the syllabus. The progress report of the unit tests and other class tests will be sent to the parents.

Students are strictlyadvised not to absent themselves for the Internal Assessment tests. If they are absent they will not be awarded internal marks.

Pre-Semester Examination

Pre-Semester examinations are conducted at the end of each semester to assess the progress of the students and to enforce necessary remedial measures.

Norms for Revaluation / Retotaling / Transparency
(As per University Norms)

  • Revaluation / Retotaling / Transparency can be applied for, any number of papers for the current session ONLY.
  • Application for Revaluation /Retotaling/Transparency shall be made in prescribed Proforma within 7 days after the announcement of the result (in the University Website), through the HOD/Principal of the college ( for affiliated College) /Director of Centre for Distance Education where he/she has undergone the course. Applications can be downloaded from university website (www.bdu.ac.in).
  • Revaluation shall be applied with or without getting the transparency of the answer scripts.
  • The University will not be at any circumstances if the Candidate passes in revaluation of paper(s) and qualified for admission to P.G. Courses / Higher Education.

Fee particulars:

  • Fee for Transparency (U.G. P.G. & M.Phil.) : Rs.400/-(each paper)
  • Fee for Retotaling (U.G. P.G. & M.Phil.) : Rs.250/-(each paper)
  • Fee for Revaluation (U.G. /Diploma/Certificate) : Rs.500/-(each paper)
  • Fee for Revaluation (P.G. /P.G. Diploma) : Rs.600/-(each paper)
  • Fee for Revaluation (M.Phil.) : Rs.700/-(each paper)

Fee shall be paid through online (Please refer University website for online payment).